TOP SECRET is the ideal weekend getaway, a unique blend of a summer garden, pool, and of course – bar & dinner. Situated just a short drive from Sofia Ring Mall and IKEA (in the southern part of the capital), Sofia’s dream summer spot is easy to get to from any part of town.

TOP SECRET will be a magnet for all of you- jazz, funk, and lounge music lovers- because we know that good taste for music is what we all have in common.

We are here for you

 to offer you the best customer service in a heavenly atmosphere every single day: from early Mondays to late Sundays.


The TOP SECRET summer garden, 12x6x1,4m pool and the exclusive jacuzzi are the perfect place to meet friends, relax and enjoy your time off work. Here you can swim, chill by the pool with a drink or simply take a sunbath.. When the working day is behind you, welcome the sunset with a refreshing cocktail under the sounds of the most trending summer sounds.

If you want to challenge your sporting spirit, you can organize mini water polo or water racing tournaments. The award for the best performers will be from TOP SECRET.


It combines coziness, specially selected gourmet menu, exclusive cocktails and a classic selection of wines. TOP SECRET has 50 indoor seats and 70 seats by the pool and the summer garden. In the summer months, the restaurant is open on the pool side.

The menu offers a selection of fresh salads and appetizers. We offer sustainable, fresh seafood as well. TOP SECRET’s chefs put a twist on the traditional Mediterranean cuisine. There is no going wrong with our menu.


If you want to escape from the closed office and work outdoors in nature, refresh and get inspired, HURRY UP- take your laptop and come to TOP SECRET today.

DO not miss on the sunny weather. The complex has free wi-fi for your convenience!


If you want to improve communication in the company and between different teams, strengthen employee relationships, improve their efficiency, decision-making and leadership skills, organize your Team Building program with us at TOP SECRET. A company works better when there is understanding, cooperation and friendly attitude between people. TOP SECRET offers you a unique place and the opportunity to have fun together and to grow your team outdoors in the wild without having to travel outside Sofia.

Our partners with experience in organizing team building trainings can help you with suggestions and organization of the day: make it full of games and challenges. Or if you decide you can simply bring your team outdoors, spend a day together, have fun in the garden, chill in the pool or even organize a water sports competition.

Let it be your TOP SECRET for a well-working team others will be envious of.

A fun and nontraditional offer for your private, corporate party or team building is the organization of a TOP SECRET barbecue outdoors. Our team will assist you with everything you need to make this idea come true.

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Sofia, Bulgaria,
107 Sv. Kliment Ohridski” blvd., Sofia


Tuesday – Sunday
10:00 – 24:00


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